St. Catharines Slovaks Join the Slovaks in
Canada Exhibit Initiative

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St. Catharines Slovaks Join the Slovaks in Canada Exhibit Initiative

On Sunday March 18, 2001 the St. Catharines CSL Branch 31 held itsí quarterly meeting to discuss their planned activities for the next three months.  Mrs. Anna Stavina invited me to come and speak in front of the membership on behalf of the Slovaks in Canada project. Because most of the members have been following the developments in Kanadsky Slovak, I gave a quick summary of the objectives of the Project and invited the St. Catharine Slovaks to become part of this initiative. The membership under the leadership of Mr. Jozef VargoviŤ debated the issues associated with participating and quickly voted on becoming our newest addition. The discussion moved on to assigning duties to several members to work on compiling the now scattered history of Branch 31 of CSL. This activity will be headed by Mr. Reichstetter, who has already contributed material to the Slovaks in Canada project. In addition, financial issues were discussed and a motion was passed that budgeted financial aid to the project as they become available. Lastly, a request was made to have a small brochure as a handout during their annual May Open House, which is part of the Branch 31 participation in the local Multicultural Festival.  As always, everyone is welcome during the Open House and is invited to come and celebrate the rich history of the Slovaks in St. Catharines.!!

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