We need both your financial and material help to make this project a success! Your generous contributions will be noted in the special Exhibit Catalog in Slovakia as well as in the Kanadsky Slovak newspaper in Canada. In addition, we are inviting artists, sculptors, writers, photographers and those in other fields of interest to come forward and work together on this project.  We are also looking for volunteers with various organizational and production skills.

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I want to help!!!

By Ondrej Miháľ

The Slovaks in Canada project has recently released a comprehensive brochure outlining the mandate of the project as well as asking the community at large for both material and financial help.  In this way we are making sure that all the individuals and organizations that want to contribute to the project are both informed and able to do so in a timely matter.

Many individuals, who have been in the spotlight of the Canadian Slovak community over many years, have already come foreward and pledged their material support.  These names include those such as Rev. Father Ján Moravsky in Windsor, Mr. Štefan Reištetter in St. Catharines, Štefan Hreha in Montreal and Mr. Paul Suffak in Thunder Bay.  We thank them for their contributions, and because of their donations, and many many others, our collection continues to grow. However, we still need materials from every day people; people like the readers of Kanadsky Slovak.

In this time of Spring, when many of you are doing your Spring cleaning, please remember the Slovaks in Canada Project and our need for numerous materials to make this project truly representative of every day Slovaks. Specifically, we need access to your photographs (which will be promptly returned), 8mm films (home movies), old event posters, calendars, newspapers, old diaries, old dance troupe costumes, embroidery made in Canada, and Slovak art work.

At the same time, if you are aware of anyone or any organization that may have materials, please do not hesitate to call, write, or e-mail to inform us as soon as possible so that we can make arrangements to borrow the materialsIf you have further questions on donating materials, you can contact Ondrej Miháľ at the SCCHC at 416-939-3111 or by email at info@slovak.com

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